Who can be a Camper?

Pre-Teen Camper:  Between 5 to 11 years old
Teen Camper:  Between 12 to 18 years old



What to Bring to Camp:

We have put together a list of recommended items that you should bring with you to camp. Get a copy of your packing list here and check it off to ensure you don't forget something important.


Who are our Campers?

Our campers come from every walk of life. Some are competitive athletes, some are academic geniuses, others are kind and goodhearted, friendly, good to animals, help charities, assist with their disabled friends or relatives. Some battle with difficult life situations everyday. Maybe one of these people sounds like you.

We welcome campers who are both members of our denomination, and campers who are not. We welcome anyone to be a camper. Many campers bring their best friends or neighbours. The only criteria is that you are willing to come and have fun, make friendships, learn new skills, and learn how to make the world a better place, all in a Christ-Centered and safe environment.

SEP Silver Meadows has campers from all over Canada and sometimes the US and other countries. We challenge you to come and be the first from your city or country 😉

What is Camp About?

SEP stands for Spiritual Enrichment Program. SEP Silver Meadows is part of a larger network of GCI camps (look for other camps to attend here). There are two SEP camps in Canada; West (Silver Meadows) and East (Camp Connections). When you are at Camp, you are CONNECTED!

SEP Silver Meadows is also about experiencing a positive way to live and share experiences with others in a safe and nurturing environment. Hopefully campers can bring that experience home and emulate it in their daily lives after camp. At SEP Silver Meadows, campers can experience working hard, working as a team, learning a new skill, activity or sport, pursuing a goal, finding peace, building confidence and building hopes and dreams.

Where is SEP Silver Meadows?

SEP SM is located in the Canadian province of Alberta. It is approximately a one hour drive Northwest of Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta. You can find directions to the camp under the "Camp Information" tab.

Families of campers who are not planning to camp or volunteer as staff can find helpful tourism information through both the Edmonton Tourism website and the Travel Alberta website. However, you are welcome to join the fun with your camper. Just notify the Camp directors (using the contact form) so we can plan accordingly.

When is Camp?

Take a look at the Camp Dates and Fees page.

Why you should come

Many campers say that Camp was one of those events in their life they will never forget. It is one of those places you can come and have good clean fun (except the muddy activities) and learn and grow with friends and family. Can camp can change your life? Sure it can. Can camp help you grow and gain confidence? Absolutely.

We hope to see you here!