Snuggled within a beautiful 80-acre parcel of boreal forest, Silver Meadows is a Christ centered youth camp run by the enthusiasm and energy of dedicated volunteers. The focus of camp is to help our youth develop a relationship with our Lord and Savior and to teach them the foundation upon which they can build their relationship with God. Spiritual enrichment classes emphasize various aspects of living a Christ centered life and addresses issues that the campers may be struggling with as they progress through the challenging teen years.
In addition to the spiritual enrichment classes, activities include biking, wall climbing, water skiing, arts & crafts, canoeing, soccer, softball, volleyball and an occasional game of ultimate frisbee. The last couple of years have even included a tug-of-war! The campers are asked to participate in all activities, giving them a try at the minimum. Activities are lead by experienced volunteers and are conducted in a safe and constructive manner.
Camper are placed in a dorm with 6-12 other campers, supervised by two volunteer adults. The dorm leads are typically individuals who themselves were once campers, and who have a true passion for having a positive influence on the next generation of youth. The dorms attend activities together and spend “tee pee” time together (there are plenty of opportunities to mingle with the other youth in attendance however). A highlight of camp each year our turkey dinner and dance on the last evening. After a week of fostering friendship, this is an opportunity to let loose and enjoy the company of every individual at camp, youth and staff alike.
An atmosphere of support, caring and forgiveness is prevalent at Silver Meadows. Moms are everyone’s mom and everyone can be counted upon to lend a hand of support or a word of encouragement. Staff return year after year in the true spirit of service, sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Camp is always something to look forward to and talk about for months after. We hope to see you there.