Main Hall

The Main Hall (60' X 40') functions as kitchen, dining room, meeting hall, snack shop, first-aid room, and arts & crafts space. With it's open floor plan, it can accommodate many other varied functions and can be enjoyed regardless of the weather. The building has a concrete floor and has insulated walls and roof. An easy access ramp is included at the main entrance.

The Snack Shop

The Snack Shop is open throughout the day during camp activities, and again after dinner for a short time. It gives campers and staff a chance to grab a drink or Ice cream/Freezies or other treats. Make sure you bring some money along. Normally, staff and campers will deposit money up front and then purchases are subtracted from that amount. It helps campers manage their money and prevents them from losing it somewhere on campus! Everything is very reasonably priced to cover expenses.


The Kitchen is part of the main hall and has a large island, dish washing station, and numerous appliances to making camp meals preparation a seriously efficient and coordinated event. Food storage is available in the large walk-in cooler with basket shelves.


There are two separate pods of three dormitories each.  One on the Boy's side of camp, and the other on the Girl's side of camp. The dorms can sleep up to 14 people each, or eighty four people in total.  Staff stay in their own trailers, tents or in the Staff dormitory.


The Fireside is a great place for group discussions or to just relax, roast marshmallows, and unwind before bed.

Sports Field

The groomed sports field gives camp a central location to host Soccer, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee and other planned and impromptu events. There is a full-size softball backstop with removable bases and regulation soccer nets.

Volleyball Court

The volleyball court is a full-size beach volleyball pit.

Climbing Wall

The 25 foot Climbing Wall is very well supported by six professionally installed telephone poles. Trained belayers ensure that climbers are harnessed and securely roped into solid ground anchors before proceeding.

Biking Trails and Back roads

During biking class, we take advantage of the all-terrain biking trails that wind through the expansive property and the miles of country roads.

Archery Range

The always supervised archery range lets you perfect your aim. Get ready to pop lots of balloons and hit targets!

Lake Nakamun

Well, we don't own it, but we get to enjoy water-skiing and canoeing on this beautiful lake, so we pretend it's ours!

© Natasha Minke